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Proudly Marketed by Mohawk Healthcare

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Mohawk Healthcare Product Specialists hand pick the products that earn the right to carry our Riserva label. Each product selected is judged for quality and exceed the standards of the industry. In addition, we assure availability of our Riserva products and confirm that Riserva products ship the very same day they are ordered. 

The quality of healthcare products matters. That's why our Riserva brand has been hand selected from manufacturers that exceed industry standards. Since 1946, Mohawk Healthcare has been serving New York State's growing medical community with decisive focus on Quality, Value, and Efficiency. Today, our customers continue to receive market-leading pricing along with dedicated and reliable service.


These products have been chosen to maximize cost-savings while providing comfort and performance to daily lives in the healthcare environment.

We are passionate in understanding our customer's needs and committed to being a supply chain partner you can trust. Choose Riserva, you deserve the best!


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Exam Gloves

However your material preference, rest assured our gloves are made with the highest grade quality.

BAS-NGPF3001 - Nitrile, Purple, Small

BAS-NGPF3002 - Nitrile, Purple, Medium

BAS-NGPF3003 - Nitrile, Purple, Large

BAS-NGPF3004 - Nitrile, Purple, XLarge

BAS-VGPF4001 - Vinyl, Clear, Small

BAS-VGPF4002 - Vinyl, Clear, Medium

BAS-VGPF4003 - Vinyl, Clear, Large

BAS-VGPF4004 - Vinyl, Clear, XLarge

Table Paper.jpg

Table Paper

Riserva Table Paper provides reliable infection barrier protection while remaining economical, comfortable, and convenient.

RIS-30000 - Smooth 18" x 225'

RIS-30001 - Smooth 21" x 225'

RIS-30002 - Smooth 18" x 200'

RIS-30003 - Smooth 21" x 200'

RIS-30005 - Crepe 18" x 125'

RIS-30006 - Crepe 21" x 125'

RIS-30010 - Smooth 14" x 225'


Gowns & Drapes

Riserva Gowns provide reliable strength, coverage, and opacity for patient modesty and hygienic security. 

Riserva Drape Sheets are economical single-use sheets that provide functional everyday protection.

RIS-30075 - Exam Gown, 30x42, Blue

RIS-30080 - Exam Gown, 30x42, White

RIS-30035 - Drape, 40x48, White

RIS-30045 - Drape, 40x48, Mauve

RIS-30055 - Drape, 40x60, White

More Riserva Products

RIS-30125 - Towel, 13x18, White, Eco.

RIS-30130 - Towel, 13x18, White, Prem.

RIS-30135 - Towel, 13x18, White, 3ply

RIS-30142 - Towel, 13x18, White, 3ply, TPT

RIS-30152 - Pillowcase, 21x30, White

RIS-30225 - Dry Washcloth, 12x13, White

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