Barcode Ordering FAQ

Q How much does it cost to use this app? 

A It's FREE!  The app is a free download and available to all customers.

Q I have an android based phone…can I use this app? 

A Sorry, the app is currently only Apple IOS compatible.

Q When I scan items, why does a description show in the description field for some items and is blank for others?

A We are building a barcode database and that item has not been identified yet.  Don’t worry…even with a blank description, we can still identify the item with by the barcode number.   

Q I’ve scanned my items, completed the order form and sent the email.  Now what? 

A Our team is processing your order and will email you an order confirmation once complete.


Q I know the app works on iPhones but does it work on other IOS products? 

A Yes.  The app has been tested and works great on iPods and iPads.

Have additional questions or want to use the app?  Please contact us below:

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